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About Us

The New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association Inc. provides expertise and support for the nonprofit and affordable housing sector in New Brunswick.

The activities of the Association are:


  • Housing advocacy

On behalf of non-profit Association member groups, advocate for affordable housing to the government and respond to housing issues on behalf of New Brunswickers in need.


  • Providing support in housing management and development

Promote the development of non-profit housing corporations in New Brunswick to help meet housing needs at the community level. In partnership with government and housing interest groups, provide education and training programs to meet Association member needs in housing management and development. Also, promote the exchange of information on housing best practices between other non-profit associations, government, and housing interest groups.


  • Housing research and policy development

Conduct research into housing issues relevant to New Brunswick and input into the development of government housing policy respecting affordable housing.

  • d. Administration, communication, networking and member support programs

Help strengthen each non-profit group through effective Association administration, the promotion of good communication and networking along with participation in member support programs to help lower project operating costs.

  • Governance & operation

There is an 11 member Board of Directors which is responsible for the affairs of the Association. The Board is made up of an Executive along with representatives from 7 geographical regions of the province. The operations of the Association are overseen by the Executive Director, who reports to the Board with the support of one staff. 

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