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Get involved in the Housing for All Campaign!

Help make housing and homelessness a priority with
the federal government 

Getting housing on the federal government’s agenda will only happen if elected members understand that affordable housing is important to voters. Help us advocate for housing by speaking with candidates in your community and sharing our infographics and tools. Together, we can make affordable housing a federal priority.



Help spread the word by getting involved in the national Housing for All campaign, which is being led by the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association. They’re bringing together housing and community organizations, tenants and members of the community to tell candidates and the federal parties why affordable housing must be a national priority.



  • 29,565 New Brunswick households do not have a safe, affordable place to call home. 

  • Overspending on housing puts people at risk of homelessness, which adds significant costs to the healthcare and justice systems. 

  • Federal funding for social housing is set to expire, a cut of $699 million in New Brunswick alone. 

  • Without renewed federal investment, housing providers will need to raise rents, defer maintenance, or liquidate housing assets, putting the squeeze on thousands of low-income households who do not have anywhere else to live.  



We have prepared 2-pagers for candidates that provide an explanation of the value of affordable housing in New Brunswick, and the risks associated with the loss of federal funding. Each 2-pager contains riding specific information. 

You can find the contact information for your local MP here .



Share your results

After meeting with your candidate, fill out this brief survey. 

Be sure to take a picture, share it on social media (#housing4all) and send copy to the NBNPHA. 

Additional resources

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