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As a sector born initiative, backed by the National Housing Strategy, the Community Housing Transformation Centre (The Centre) supports growth, resilience, sustainability and inclusiveness within the sector.

Our services will be officially launched on December 13th but we are already very much alive! 


National Housing Co-Investment Fund

The National Housing Co-Investment Fund provides $13.2 billion in low-cost loans and/or capital contributions over 10 years to create new or repair existing affordable housing that covers a broad range of housing needs.

There are two streams within National Housing Co-Investment Fund: 

The New Construction stream provides $5.19 billion in loans and $2.26 billion in capital contributions to support the construction of mixed-income, mixed-tenure, mixed-use affordable housing.

The Housing Repair and Renewal stream provides $3.46 billion in loans and $2.26 billion in capital contributions to repair and renew the existing community and affordable housing supply.

Housing projects must be affordable, energy efficient, accessible and socially inclusive.

The National Housing Co-investment Fund covers a broad range of housing needs, from shelters to affordable homeownership. It prioritizes projects that support partnerships between governments, non-profits, private sector, and others to make federal investment go further.

The National Housing Co-Investment Fund supports the needs of Canada’s vulnerable population and will:

  • repair 240,000 units

  • create 60,000 new units

  • create or repair at least 4,000 shelter spaces for victims of family violence

  • create at least 7,000 new affordable units for seniors

  • create at least 2,400 new affordable units for people with developmental disabilities


A new approach to housing in New Brunswick “A New Brunswick where people have timely access to affordable, safe and adequate housing options that meet their individual needs and promote healthy and inclusive communities”

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