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Our Projects

New Brunswick's housing sector is facing new challenges posed by the growing and aging population thus increasing the housing demand across the province. The new challenges require new and innovative solutions. Our current projects are aimed at making the housing sector more resilient and sustainable.

Financial Data Project

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NBNPHA is undertaking the FINANCIAL DATA PROJECT to help address capital and operating costs by collecting financial data from our members and reporting the aggregate data without identifying specific members. This data will help NBNPHA improve our advocacy on your behalf.

We encourage all our members to actively participate in this project by sending us the signed NDA and last 5 years' financial statements to

Click to download NDA.

Housing Information System

NBNPHA is building a platform that is aimed to increase the housing start in the province by providing all of the required information on a single platform like potential available properties, Median Market Rent (MMR) set by Social Development and actual market average rents for various municipalities across the province.

If you see an opportunity to collaborate, please reach out to us. The version 1 can be accessed here and it is continuously being developed.

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More in pipeline...

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