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NBNPHA Announces New Executive Director

FREDERICTON – August 24, 2016 – The New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association (NBNPHA) is pleased to announce the hiring of Daniel Murphy as its new Executive Director.

Dan comes to the Association from the New Brunswick Department of Health and before that the New Brunswick Regional Development Corporation as Special Assistant to the Minister. His previous experience in government and community organizations positions him well to serve the Association and its 200 member housing groups across the province.

“Speaking on behalf of our Board of Directors, I am very pleased to be able to bring Dan into our affordable housing sector and we look forward to working with him as we continue to grow the Association and meet the complex needs of our members”, said Kit Hickey, President. Dan will take up his post in Fredericton in early September. Media Contact: Kit Hickey, President, New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association T: 506-632-9393 E:

About the New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association The NBNPHA’s mission is to support and strengthen New Brunswick’s social housing movement so that all residents can access a safe, affordable place to call home. The Association’s 200 members operate over 6,000 units of non-profit and co-operative housing in 115 New Brunswick communities.

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