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NBNPHA pleased with introduction of new Local Governance Act and Community Planning act

Fredericton, New Brunswick– The new Local Governance Act and Community Planning Act introduced Wednesday comes as welcome news for the New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association (NBNPHA). The NBNPHA is pleased with the introduction of the bills, which if passed, would replace the current Municipalities Act. Several of the updates pertaining to municipal authority will have a direct impact on the ability and incentive to provide affordable housing.

Specifically, the Act will provide municipalities the authority to approve density bonuses, offer land at below market value, and greater flexibility in zoning. These are all incentives that help create new affordable housing units. Other provinces, such as British Columbia, have seen an increased number of affordable housing units developed under similar legislation.

Currently, in New Brunswick, there are nearly 30,000 households in need of safe and affordable housing. “We haven’t seen many new developments in the last number of years, which is disappointing,” said Dan Murphy, Executive Director of NBNPHA. “Cooperation between all levels of government and community partners is needed to reduce the barriers in providing affordable housing to those in need. These proposed policy changes are a step in the right direction to addressing the housing needs throughout our province.”

Many of the communities across the province have a demonstrated need for new affordable housing, and both Moncton and Fredericton have recently launched initiatives to look at housing in their communities. “We’re seeing initiatives from several municipalities in the province who are stepping up to address homelessness and housing in their communities,” said Murphy. “This sets the stage for future partnerships and investment into affordable housing, which is the next step along the continuum of developing housing in New Brunswick.”

Murphy added the NBNPHA looks forward to consulting with all levels government and community partners on the best ways to deliver of affordable housing. “We will continue to leverage our expertise in the affordable housing sector, and will be fully available to meet and work with municipalities to identify areas and opportunities which are a key variable in developing positive outcomes for New Brunswickers,” said Murphy.


For additional information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Dan Murphy, Executive Director

New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association Inc

T: 1-506-451-4772 ext 201


About the New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association

About the New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association

The NBNPHA is an association of over 200 non-profit and co-operative housing organizations, members of the NBNPHA provide affordable housing to more than 6,000 New Brunswick households who otherwise would not have a safe, affordable place to call home. Established in 1993, the NBNPHA’s mission is to support and strengthen New Brunswick’s non-profit and co-operative housing sector so that all residents can have a safe, affordable place to call home.

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