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NB Non Profit Housing Association welcomes significant financial investment in affordable housing

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Fredericton, NB (March 22, 2017) – The New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association welcomes the inclusion of affordable housing action items in the recently released budget. The Federal government unveiled the 2017 budget today, with a strong focus on social policies including affordable housing.

Budget 2017 proposes investing more than $11.2 billion over 11 years in a variety of initiatives designed to build, renew and repair Canada's stock of affordable housing and help ensure that Canadians have affordable housing that meets their needs.

Key elements announced today include a renewed partnership between Federal and Provincial governments to better support key housing priorities. This is part of the long term plan Executive Director, Dan Murphy, had been hoping to see. “With the end of operating agreements upon us, the viability and sustainability of many units in the province is in question. We look forward to working with the provincial government and providing input from our members on where we see key priority areas in the province with regards to the upcoming provincial housing strategy,” he says.

The NBNPHA will host its 24th Annual Conference in May, which will include an entire day set aside to engage members and stakeholders representing all areas of affordable housing in the Province, to help design the NBNPHA submission for the New Brunswick Housing Strategy. “We’re strongly hoping to leverage the investments proposed in the 2017 budget to deliver a strong return for New Brunswick. With the slowing pace of new constructions, we can see the opportunity for the affordable housing sector to drive economic growth in this province.

Other welcomes measures include a targeted $5 billion National Housing Fund to address critical housing issues, better support vulnerable citizens, housing support for Indigenous Peoples not living on-reserve and renewed and expanded federal investments to combat and prevent homelessness. “All of this aligns with the goals of our membership: to support the development of viable communities and by providing decent housing, suitable living environments and an expanded foundation for the low to moderate income persons in our province.” Says Murphy.

There is high demand for affordable housing in New Brunswick, with 30,000 households in core housing need and only about 14,000 units in the existing inventory. The working poor, seniors on fixed incomes and people with disabilities have been hit especially hard by the shortage of spaces, and social housing groups have pushed the government to renew long-term financial commitments that help provide subsidized rental units and were set to expire.

In addition to the National Housing Strategy commitment, Budget 2017 contains a proposal to invest $39.9 million over five years, and $6.6 million per year thereafter, to Statistics Canada to develop and implement a new Housing Statistics Framework. “As an Association we are pleased to see that there’s awareness of the gaps in housing data, and a commitment to invest in this area moving forward. This information will be useful in many applications, including helping to inform spending priorities and key areas of need in the housing sector,” Murphy said.


For additional information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Dan Murphy, Executive Director

New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association Inc

T: 1-506-451-4772 ext 201


About the New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association

About the New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association

The NBNPHA is an association of over 200 non-profit and co-operative housing organizations, members of the NBNPHA provide affordable housing to more than 6,000 New Brunswick households who otherwise would not have a safe, affordable place to call home. Established in 1993, the NBNPHA’s mission is to support and strengthen New Brunswick’s non-profit and co-operative housing sector so that all residents can have a safe, affordable place to call home.

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