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Resources for Members

Dear members,

As the Covid 19 situation has escalated and a State of Emergency has been declared by the Premier, we are sharing a round up of resources and quick links for our members.

We are strongly recommending that members with multi unit buildings restrict access to essential personnel only and that common areas such as lounges or community rooms are closed.

For members or tenants who require social support, there are lots of resources to connect (telephone, facetime, skype, zoom). We recommend you follow the Government of New Brunswick and Government of Canada websites as information is updated daily:

Mental Wellness Resources:

NB Public Libraries have a wealth of online resources which you can access with a library card. You can obtain a library card online as well.

Citizens are still encouraged to get daily physical activity, and being outdoors is still permitted as long as you keep 2 meters between yourself and any others. Walking, biking and hiking are great ways to keep moving and get some Vitamin D. Indoors, there are many online options for strength training, yoga and other fitness classes. If you are working from home, try to remember to get up and move every 30 minutes.

The Residential Tenancies Tribunal has updated their eviction policy to reflect the State of


Other useful sources:

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