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The Canadian Rental Housing Index












How much do renters earn in your community? How much do they spend on rent? Are they living in overcrowded conditions? Does your community need more rental housing to meet demand?


The Canadian Rental Housing Index answers these questions for nearly 1100 communities and regions  across the country. A consortium of housing organizations and Vancity Credit Union have partnered to provide this baseline data so that we can track our progress in ensuring that all Canadians have access to safe, secure and affordable housing.


This is the first step in painting a comprehensive picture of the rental market in Canada. The website will continue to be updated with new data and tools as they become available.

To access the Canadian Rental Housing Index, click here.  










The NBNPHA would like to acknowledge the support of the Credit Unions of New Brunswick in supporting the Canadian Rental Housing Index. 

OMISTA Credit Union:

Bayview Credit Union:

NBTA Credit Union:

Progressive Credit Union:

Advance Savings Credit Union:

Atlantic Central:


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