Do you have questions about the different affordable housing funding programs? NBNPHA is bringing together top Executives from organizations with dedicated funding for non-profit housing will be presenting their programs, followed by an afternoon discussion where we will find out which funding can be accessed at the same time, which criteria are similar and different and other information relevant to our members.

Presenters: Social Development, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, Community Housing Transformation Centre, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, NB Power Efficiency

9:30am  Registration and Coffee

10:00-12:00 Funding Stream Presentations

12:00 Networking Lunch

1:00-3:00  Moderated Q&A

6:00 Registration Reception 

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7:30am    Breakfast/Tradeshow

8:30am    Conference kick off

9:00am    Brenda Murphy, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick

10:00am  Coffee break

10:30am  Workshop series 1

12:00pm  Lunch

1:00pm    Workshop series 2

2:00pm    Workshop series 3

3:00pm    Coffee break

3:30pm    Annual General Meeting

6:00pm    President’s Reception

7:00pm    Minister’s Banquet

9:00pm    Entertainment



Residential Tenancies Tribunal

An opportunity for members to ask questions directly of the Tribunal, obtain information and clarity on rental obligations and rights in New Brunswick.

Canadian Housing & Renewal Association

Join Jeff Morrison, Executive Director with CHRA for updates on developments federally (National Housing Strategy, other federal measures) and CHRA’s new programs, Indigenous Caucus and Strategic Plan followed by a Q&A session.

New Brunswick Association for Community Living

In consultation with their stakeholders around the country, the Canadian Association for Community Living and CMHA created the Housing Inclusivity Indicators to support the growth of inclusive and accessible housing throughout Canada.  In this workshop, the New Brunswick Association for Community Living will provide an overview of the indicators along with the specific application to housing for all individuals in New Brunswick.

A Conversation with Social Development (Housing and Homelessness Branch)

Join Central Office Social Development staff as they highlight current and new Housing programs in an informal Q&A session.

Hi-C -The Allure of 30 Year Mortgages: More Housing & Sleeping Better at Night
Hi-C’s first round of mortgage funding closed in February 2019 at $33 million, to create over 200 affordable housing units. Learn about the financial stability of 30 year mortgages, its positive impact on project development pro-formas and the ability to drive more cashflow for other projects. Hear from a borrower to get a provider’s perspective of our financing and some hands-on experience.

NB Power

A more in depth look at the efficiency programs available to non-profit housing providers.

Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada

Compass Nova Scotia Co-operative Homes Ltd. is a new model of co-operative housing, developed to sustain existing community housing and as a vehicle for co-operative housing expansion in Nova Scotia.  In this presentation, you will hear about Compass NS’ mission, vision, mandate and pilot projects currently underway through innovation, partnerships and leadership

John Howard Society Presents: Tenant Support Programs

Are you interested in starting to offer tenant support programs but aren’t sure where to start? Join staff from the John Howard Society to learn the basics, and examples from their Tenant Support Program.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

This workshop will review updates and criteria regarding the application processes for the Co-Investment Fund and SEED funding program.

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7:30    Breakfast

8:30    Regional Meetings

9:45    Coffee break

10:00   Innovation Showcase

Innovation Showcase

Join us as we close the conference by learning about three unique and innovative housing projects that are happening right now in New Brunswick. This session will feature presentations about Housing First (Fredericton)  Outflow (Saint John) and Rising Tides (Moncton).

Housing First is a recovery-oriented approach to ending homelessness that centers on quickly moving people experiencing homelessness into independent and permanent housing, and then providing additional supports and services as needed.

Outflow Ministry Inc. is a Christian faith-based charity that works with people in Saint John who live in poverty. We address unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and medical costs. The mission provides everything from meals to shelter and from dental care to a place for friends to gather.  Most importantly The Outflow Mission is a place that provides dignity, life, and hope.  

Rising Tides Community Initiatives is a new non-profit organization aimed at solving the homelessness crisis in Moncton. Rising Tide aims to move people along the housing continuum – from homelessness to market-price rent. It plans to work closely with organizations that are already on the front lines of homelessness, as well as government and the business sector to provide long term, sustainable solutions which are cost effective for all stakeholders.

The 2020 Conference has been postponed. We will update members when new dates have been confirmed.