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Why join the NBNPHA?

On behalf of all non-profit housing groups, the Association makes representations to all levels of government on the state of housing in New Brunswick and on the need for more affordable housing. The more members there are in the Association the stronger the voice.

We continue to develop new programs for our members. 


The Association networks with other housing interest groups across Canada to benefit from housing expertise and activities in other jurisdictions. It is a participating member of CHRA (Canadian Housing & Renewal Association) which is a Canada-wide advocacy agency for homelessness and housing and regularly connects the provincial Housing Associations in BC and Ontario. Through membership in CHRA and contacts with provincial Associations, the Association keeps abreast of housing matters across Canada and at the federal government level and migrate best practices which may have an application to New Brunswick.


Each Spring the Association offers an Annual Conference where delegates can participate in educational courses and a great variety of workshops and presentations at a much reduced cost for members. This is also an opportunity to recognize the hard work of your volunteers. The conference gives delegates the opportunity to exchange information and network with other non-profit housing groups and is a great opportunity to gain important knowledge and information from housing experts from NB and across Canada. Issues central to NB housing groups are presented such as a workshop on the Expiry of Operating Agreements with the aid of resources from CHRA.


The Association will work with any non-profit Board to recruit, retain board members or train for all aspects of the management of non-profit housing projects.


The Association will help you develop capacity to build additional housing units in your community. The process to develop new housing can be daunting so the Association seeks partnerships with government and other groups to help train and educate groups as to the process and the resources that are available.


The Association is a partner with the NB Department of Social Development and assists the Department in delivering and administering housing programs and monitoring results. The Association also maintains strong links with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the federal housing agency, as we partner with them in research, information transfer and training related to affordable housing.


Being a member of NBNPHA will give you a strong voice in your community and at the provincial level in all matters of homelessness and housing. The Association will be working to help local groups work more productively with elected officials in matters related to affordable housing so that mutual goals are met.

For the membership form, please click here.


Member Services

Membership Fee Schedule

Regular Voting Membership for Non-Profit Housing Corporations:

Base fee of $400 per year, plus:

1-10 units, $5 per unit

11-20 units, $4 per unit

21-50 units, $3 per unit

50+ units, $2 per unit.

Projects under development = $0

Cooperative Membership for Cooperative Housing Corporations:

Associate Membership:

$225 per year

Private for-profit businesses and municipalities - $325 per year

For non-profit and charitable organizations - $200 per year

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