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Sustainability&Succession Planning

Action item 1

NBNPHA is working with three senior students from Renaissance College at UNB between now and March to interview board members from around the province to learn more about what motivates them, how they see board transition happening, and what is their vision is for the future of their organization. 

of the board of non-profit housing providers

If you are a board member of a non-profit housing provider and you would like to participate in these interviews, please fill this short form below and we will contact you at the earliest: -

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Action item 2

Active surveys

Action item 3

Financial Data Project

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NBNPHA is undertaking the FINANCIAL DATA PROJECT to help address capital and operating costs by collecting financial data from our members and reporting the aggregate data without identifying specific members. This data will help NBNPHA improve our advocacy on your behalf.

We encourage all our members to actively participate in this project by sending us the signed NDA and last 5 years' financial statements to

Click to download NDA.

Help us reach you!

If you are a NBNPHA member and would like to update your contact details, please fill this form. Thanks you!

Member contact update form

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